... is the love of my life. CHECK OUT THE QUAD-GUITAR EXPLODING (imploding?) IN REVERSE.
if any of you directors had any balls you'd make a video like this.


Dougal Wilson and Huse Monfaradi


... and also a dude for making this video.
one love to Tom Kingsley for being such a sexy intellectual genius.


Puss in Boots

So a while back i read an article in Vice about a crazy Japanese lady who runs an online cat clothing store called The Tailor of a Cat Prin.

She makes all sorts of clothing gems for cats and recently i've been debating on which one to get my cat, Prince Bry I of Socks Munro and his distant cousin, Tarquin. But Bryony is going to teach me how to knit so I can whip up a jumper or two for them.

Some of these outfits are truly superb. Here goes...

Taryn Simon "an american index of the hidden and unfamiliar"

I came across Taryn Simon's work at last years deutsche borse exhibition at the photographers gallery.
Each photograph is the result of extensive research, intending to document the "unseen and inaccessible hidden below the surface of national identity."



Model World

Kyle Bean and David Wilson hit the national model convention "Model World" in Brighton.


Eliza Continued

Yes Bry, i like the way she mixes photography and illustration.

My faves...

Elza Jo van Reenen: Glitter, Felt and Cats


Good Rats

Photographer and filmmaker Niall O'Brien has been documenting the lives of a group of young punks from south west London over the last three years. He currently has an exhibition called Good Rats at Art Work Space, showcasing a selection of photographs from his project. Worth a visit.

"There's something beautiful about capturing the spontaneity of youth".

Good Rats runs until March 11 at Art Work Space, Lower Ground Floor, The Hempel Hotel, 31-35 Craven Hill Gardens, London, W2 3EA. Tel. +44 (0)20 7298 9000


Vodka Movie Part 2

Conversation Mistake's are so Embarrassing! But beach party's are the best...