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Sally Mann - The family and the land

Sally Mann's beautiful photographs are being exhibited at the photographers gallery until 19th September.




By Art Clokey

Susan Meiselas

Pandora's Box' at the Wapping project, images from the Magnum photographer's document of a high-end New York S&M club.


Klunk Garden

Camilla Akran

As far as fashion photograpy goes, Camilla Akran is pretty special. She always uses exquisite colours and textures. Her Saints photo shoot for Japan Vogue was pretty special. Here are some of her best..

Erick Swenson

Erick Swenson is known for his polyurethane resin sculptures of animals often displayed in elaborate dioramas, Swenson’s scenes often involve fabricated animals like deer, sheep, and apes captured frozen in allegorical moments.



An exhibition of nearly 50 photographs of people jumping that the photographer Philippe Halsman captured on film from the late 1940s through the ’50s are being shown at the Laurence Miller Gallery in Manhattan.

Come in


dave bullivant showed me this earlier, there's something quite cool about it..

Underwear by FM Belfast (Music Video) from Daniel Scheinert on Vimeo.

Paper-Cut Illustrations

Amazing paper-cut illustrations by Lobulo Design.


Fresh faced & wild eyed

An exhibition at the photographers gallery showing the finalists in an annual competition for recent graduates.