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Merry Christmas one and all


Ambroise Tézenas

Have a look at the Beijing series.



Now or Never Anish!

Today is the last chance to see Anish Kapoor's awesome exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts. The exhibition is open until 10pm, so gives enough time to swing by after work. You will probably have to queue for at least 30 minutes, but it's totally worth it!

Here are few of the pieces you should expect to see..

The hue of Yellow, 1999

Syayambh, 2007

One of Kapoor's most impressive pieces is Syayambh, (a Sanskrit word meaning self-generated) is a celebration of wax and engineering. Embedded on tracks, this massive block squeezes its way through the gallery doors, leaving traces of itself in tiny piles along the floor. Doesn't it just say "touch me" all over it?!


HAPPY HANUKKAH! from Will Dorrien-Smith on Vimeo.

Cyriak Harris one of my favorite animators.


New Plug!

i know it sounds a bit dull... but this new plug is amazing

Outside the Box

outside the box from joseph Pelling on Vimeo.


Rejected Christmas Card Design No. 53

Recently I've been obsessed by turkeys, and this is one image out of a series that I've produced over the past week or so.
More to come soon.
Just to get everyone into the festive spirit.


Lovely Stuff



Eric Testroete: model maker and 3D artist

Check out more of his artwork on his website: www.testroete.com


PRESS + Benjamin Ducroz

Nice animation experiment...
click here to view.


Big Active's Simian

Don't you just love these Simian record sleeves by Big Active?
Fantastical taxidermy with minimal art direction and clean typography gives you pure gorgeousness. yum...
I want to eat them.


While You Wait for the Others

Directed by Sean Pecknold, this Grizzly Bear video is uniquely imaginative and beautiful. I wait to see what else Sean Pecknold's studio, 'Grandchildren' do next.

Grizzly Bear - While You Wait for the Others from Grandchildren on Vimeo.

Dazed & Confused magazine this month


empty LA

check it out here


Evolution of the Levitating Body

Jacques Henri Lartigue 1905

Herni Cartier-Bresson 1932

Aaron Siskind 1956

Denis Darzacq 2007

Cat Clothing / Fold7 – Earthmovers 2009

And then...

Cat Clothing from Time-Slice® Films on Vimeo.



100 facts about panda

The Panda book was written by an Irish comedian and illustrated by Mike from DADDY.

Check out the trailer for it:


Blink Screening tonight

Just a friendly reminder that our screening of Ben Wheatley’s feature length film “Down Terrace” is happening tonight.
Written and directed by Ben, the film follows the story of a small crime family marking their decline with one final, violent blow out. Down Terrace has been collecting huge plaudits, winning Best British Film at Raindance Film Festival and Best Film at Fantastic Fest in the US.
And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be screening the UK Premiere of Mr. Foley, a short film by Blinkink legends DADDY.
The night will be taking place at:
Courthouse DoubleTree,
19-21 Great Marlborough Street, W1
So if you haven’t already, please RSVP to screening@blinkprods.com


Snimky Published —

My good friend Dario Utreras is currently publishing 4 issues of his gorgeous photography zine, called Snimky.

Snimky is filled with evocative images of everyday life. The photographers come from as far as China, Russia and Venezuela. The most interesting part about Snimky is how each issue is created.

This is Snimky

A seasonal photography zine. A number of disposable cameras are mailed to seven photographers. Within the same week, all cameras are both used and returned to Great Britain. A zine is assembled with a selection of photos from each camera. A series of slow self-published issues appear occasionally at Donlon Books, or near a hundred coffee meetings. The latest edition of all four issues will be available by the end of November at Donlon Books, published through Household.

Nico Kasakoff on the set of Thorntons



Chaos Labs

Heres a teaser for the new modern toss live action project. Directed by yours truly.

The 2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival is now open for submissions

There are three ways to submit:-
Online through the EIFF website at www.edfilmfest.org.uk/submissions
Download a form from the EIFF website and mail it to us
Via Withoutabox at https://www.withoutabox.com/login/1360

The 64th EIFF will take place from 16 - 27 June 2010 in Edinburgh. The Festival is internationally regarded as a focus for discovery, a celebration of cinema, a centre of debate and a catalyst for new films. EIFF is committed to screening high quality new short and feature film and video work in all genres from around the world.

Please note all submitted films should be no more than 12 months old by June 2010 and EIFF requires at least UK premiere status.

Submission deadlines:
Earlybird: Monday 14 December 2009
Regular: Monday 1 February 2010
Late: Monday 15 February 2010


Get on your bike!

Can you believe it?! Dougal Wilsonian is going on an epic bike ride to Copenhagen to raise money for Re~Cycle: Bicycle Aid For Africa! It's all very exciting and for a worthy cause. Puts a smile on my face to think of Dougal pedaling across europe in his uber cool rain gear. Aw bless!

In his own words...

"Myself and two other friends have foolishly decided to cycle the 260 miles
to Copenhagen (via a north sea ferry!) to make our voices heard at The UN
Climate Summit in Copenhagen, and to raise money for both
Re~Cycle: Bicycle Aid For Africa, and Friends of the Earth. It's an
attempt, in our own small way, to raise awareness of the importance of the
Summit and the desperate need for a meaningful climate deal before it's too

Re~Cycle: Bicycle Aid For Africa's mission is to collect secondhand
bicycles and ship them to Africa. They distribute bikes and teach riders the
skills to repair and maintain them. Their bikes also help health/AIDS
workers reach remote villages and even provide an ambulance service in
remote Namibia.

In Britain, millions of bikes are thrown away or lie unused in sheds, whilst
many people in Africa have no access to transport of any kind. Walking can
take up-to 4 hours per day (collecting water, or walking to school). The
burden can cripple a family, hampering work and education opportunities. A
bicycle cuts travel time to a fraction, even carrying passengers and heavy
loads. Bikes give families the extra time to earn, learn and enjoy life."

If you'd like to sponsor Dougal, please click here



In August, I went to Japan for two weeks. And me and my friend Will Sharpe made a 30 minute short film, featuring his Japanese family. We took Blink's A1 (sorry if you wanted to use it), and borrowed lights and mics from Andrew - Kosai's friendly producer in Tokyo. And this is the long-awaited trailer! You may be thinking, great - but what's the film about? Well, it's about someone called Kiyoshi, whose work as a pest control man leads him to a mysteriously deserted house. Then, on his 20th birthday, he finds a letter from his dead grandfather telling him that he's the Messiah. And it all goes on from there. 


Sara Ramo - Movable Planes

Went to see Sara Ramo's first UK exhibition at The Photographer's Gallery last week. Ramo uses film, installation and photography to explore notions of order and disorder within a domestic setting. I really like the way she constructs imaginary narratives from everyday objects. Despite there only being a limited number of pieces, it's worth going to see. Shame there wasn't more!

'How to Learn What Happens in the Natural Order of Things'

'The Milky Way'

'Invasion of Everything that was Restrained'

The Hyde Tube

New talents showcase. TV commercial - Music video - Short film



Dougal shot this video for Adam Buxton. His weird and wonderful creation may be terrifying, but he can certainly carry a tune. Nutty Room is a song from the perspective of a movie-style disturbed nutbag, and is considered one of the best songs ever written (if the list of the best songs ever written were to include every song ever written). It originally featured in Song Wars on Adam & Joes BBC 6Music radio show.


Amelia's World

I've had my eye on a sweet little book by photographer, Robin Schwartz for some time, and just today I stumbled across some of the photographs featured in his book. Here are some of my favourites, welcome to Amelia's World...


David Wilson voted Best New Director at the UK Music Video Awards 2009

Other winners of the night for us were:

Best Budget Video – Rock, Indie, Alternative

Moray McLaren – We Got Time (Lash Records)
Director: David Wilson
Producer: James Bretton
Prod co: BlinkInk/Colonel Blimp
Commissioner: Bart Yates

Best Telecine in a Video

TK: Paul Harrison at Moving Picture Company
Paolo Nutini – Candy (Atlantic)
Director: Nez
Producer: Georgina Filmore
Prod co: Colonel Blimp

Best Indie/Alternative Video

Department of Eagles – No One Does It Like You (4AD)
Directors: Patrick Daughters and Marcel Dzama
Exec Producer: Lana Kim
Prod co: The Directors Bureau
Commissioner: Simon Halliday


Bison - Jon Hopkins

Check out the new music video for Jon Hopkins' live performance at the ICA.
Directed by Bison (aka Dave Bullivant and Owen Silverwood) and produced by Blinkink's James Bretton, you can read more about their technique here.

"We were really keen on making a gritty, abstract performance video. So we set to work with magnets, screwdrivers, VHS tapes and a host of other techniques: We made an initial edit and played this back through a £3 TV we picked up at the local market, and 'manipulating' it with a screwdriver allowed us to flutter and flicker the image on screen. We'd also bought an industrial strength magnet and used that to distort and twist the picture on itself. We made several runs through the track in this way before playing everything out to VHS (with obligatory stomping and scrunching)".


Points of Interest: Ville Varume

Ville Varumo, born and raised in Finland.
Started taking pictures as a teenager.
Hasn't done anything else since, and doesn't want to.
At the moment he resides and works in Helsinki, Finland.

Where's the Ville Varumo photography book? We need to see more of him.

Some of his photographs have the distinctive Scandanavian look - they could be stills taken from a Roy Andersson film, one of which is a must see! (below)