Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas one and all


Ambroise Tézenas

Have a look at the Beijing series.



Now or Never Anish!

Today is the last chance to see Anish Kapoor's awesome exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts. The exhibition is open until 10pm, so gives enough time to swing by after work. You will probably have to queue for at least 30 minutes, but it's totally worth it!

Here are few of the pieces you should expect to see..

The hue of Yellow, 1999

Syayambh, 2007

One of Kapoor's most impressive pieces is Syayambh, (a Sanskrit word meaning self-generated) is a celebration of wax and engineering. Embedded on tracks, this massive block squeezes its way through the gallery doors, leaving traces of itself in tiny piles along the floor. Doesn't it just say "touch me" all over it?!


HAPPY HANUKKAH! from Will Dorrien-Smith on Vimeo.

Cyriak Harris one of my favorite animators.


New Plug!

i know it sounds a bit dull... but this new plug is amazing

Outside the Box

outside the box from joseph Pelling on Vimeo.


Rejected Christmas Card Design No. 53

Recently I've been obsessed by turkeys, and this is one image out of a series that I've produced over the past week or so.
More to come soon.
Just to get everyone into the festive spirit.


Lovely Stuff



Eric Testroete: model maker and 3D artist

Check out more of his artwork on his website: www.testroete.com


PRESS + Benjamin Ducroz

Nice animation experiment...
click here to view.


Big Active's Simian

Don't you just love these Simian record sleeves by Big Active?
Fantastical taxidermy with minimal art direction and clean typography gives you pure gorgeousness. yum...
I want to eat them.